{Birthday Wishes} New Jersey Family Photographer

I’ve had the honor of knowing my husband for nearly 1/3 of his life.  In that time, we’ve become best friends, companions, husband and wife.  I love my husband to pieces.  This year, as he celebrates his 29th birthday, I can’t help but think about the incredible impact he has had on my life, and how grateful I am to be sharing yet another year with him.

My husband is funny.  Really funny.  He does crazy and ridiculous things and love to play jokes.  Rubber snakes in the microwave? Yup. Fake spiders on my pillow. MmmmHmmm.  And his charming personality (I’m NOT being sarcastic. He really is charming) has been bestowed to our eldest daughter.  So has his sense of humor.

My husband love to take trips, he just LOVES to travel.  He is always up for an adventure and is usually open for something spontaneous.  He is dedicated to his wife and kids.  He tries really really hard to do things that will make us all happy.  Did I mention that he is funny? Because he is REALLY funny.

Sometimes life overwhelms us.  Between his work and both of us trying hard to meet our kids’ needs, it is easy to get lost.  But every now and then, I sit down and think about all of the things that he does for us and I can’t help but feel loved.

So, to my husband.  Happy Birthday sweet heart. I hope you had an incredible year, and I hope the next is better than the past 29 combined.


  • Ohhh!! I LOVE these! Are you using a lensbaby?! Whatever you’re using, it looks really cool 😀

  • A very happy birthday to your husband, who sounds much like my own. In our house it’s a fake cockroach, which never seems to get old…for him 😉

  • This is such a sweet dedication to your hubby! He sounds wonderful, Meg! These pictures are fantastic….making me want a lensbaby oh-so-badly!