Background Noise Volume 2

It is time, once again, for the weekly edition of Background Noise. Enjoy!

Watching: Elementary & Sherlock

I absolutely love a good mystery, and both Elementary and Sherlock give me just what I need when I’m crafting in the evening. Elementary follows the recipe set forth by most mystery crime shows, but with a little more depth. The stories are usually pretty complex and there is a fair amount of back story woven in. Sherlock and Joan have a great relationship, and I really enjoy how all of the other characters on the show deal with Mr. Holmes. Sherlock, on the other hand, is presented in a series of 3, 90 minutes shows. Each episode is more like a mini movie. There is a lot of mystery, it is a little more artsy and showy, and definitely more creepy. I find myself thinking (ok, yelling), “OH GEEZ!” at least 2-3 times per episode. This series is also set in the present day, and has an undeniable BBC feel to it. LOVE IT.

Listening (on Audible) and Reading: Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind

Well I was finally able to slug my way through The Perri Reed Chronicles and I’m glad that’s over. 2 stars, mostly because I was able to finish it. Otherwise I would have given it one. I am now reading and listening to Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind. This is the first book in the Sword of Truth series, and I’m hooked. It has all of the ingredients for an epic fantasy, magic, a big important sword, a crazy old wizard, a quest to save the world, and a protagonist who you just know has some hidden potential just waiting to explode out of him.

I’m not far into the book yet, so no major spoilers or reviews just yet. I usually read and listen to two different books though, so it is saying something that I’m reading and listening to this as my only book at the moment.

Rocking (on Apple Music): Sunshine Playlist

I’ve received quit a few comments on Instagram involving the music that I have playing in the background of my stories. When I listen to music, I primarily listen to upbeat playlists that I compile, or Radio Stations that keep me moving. The current playlist that I’ve been putting together is Sunshine Mix. It is perfect for the gray days of February, and is a great mix to lead you into Valentine’s Day!

I am constantly updating it and rearranging it, so if you are on Apple Music, enjoy! If you are not, you should be able to hear samples of the songs below, and download using whatever service you prefer.

As always, if you are listening or watching something amazing right now (or not so amazing), PLEASE share it with us in the comments here, on Instagram, or on Facebook! I’m sure we’d all love to discover something new!