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I know it is going to happen every year with every child I have, but there really is something about your eldest child’s birthday.  Every child is special in their own way, and every child brings a whole bundle of happy special memories, but there is just something about the first child that gets you.  Going through labor for the first time (all 56 hours of it), feeling a brand new, 30 second old baby be placed on your chest for the first time, listening to your child cry for the first time.  The first words, the first steps, the first tantrum.  Hearing “I love you” for the first time, unprompted, from that little soul.  And there is something about a birthday that makes you remember every single one of those things.

This is the first year that Thaya is in school, and I am just thrilled because it is the first year that she’ll have a birthday party with kids.  Kids her age.  This is huge.  My mother-in-law reminded me today about her party from last year.  We celebrated in May because we were moving into our new house and couldn’t put anything together any sooner.  As family started to arrive, Thaya had her face pressed up against our big bay window.  My mother-in-law asked her what she was doing, and she said, “I’m waiting for all the kids to come to my party!”. Oh gosh. I was just heartbroken.  She didn’t have one single friend her age.  Just family; her sister, aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, and her cousins.

But this year?  This year is different.  Thaya started school, and she has 15 wonderful friends. She even has a best friend. And every single one of her friends will be coming to her birthday party tomorrow.  A party on her actual birthday.

So since today was her last day of school for the week, I was able to bring in a special snack and read a birthday story to the class.  These cupcakes ended up being a little more special than I had originally anticipated…

The girls helped me through together the ingredients (we used the recipe for the basic vanilla cupcake from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World), and I stuck all 2 dozen of them into the oven.  Because of course there were going to be 14 kids in school today.  Anyway.  I took them out of the oven and left them in the tin for 5 minutes to rest.  The girls and I came downstairs so that I could do some email.  They got restless (5 minutes is like a lifetime when you haven’t had a nap and it is 5:00pm), so I sent them upstairs to watch TV while I finished up an email.  I can see the couch from where I sit at my computer.  I saw them on the couch watching TV.

Of course, somehow, my ninja daughter Aubrie managed to sneak away from the TV in the 2 minutes that I didn’t look up.  She crept into the kitchen and took a bite of every.single.cupcake.

Not what a 30 week pregnant woman wants to deal with after shopping all morning with two kids, coming home to an afternoon playdate, and skipping nap (for them and me, lol).  My husband walked in to all of us crying (Aubrie because she was in trouble, Thaya because she thought she wouldn’t have any cupcakes for school, and me because… well… I had to hand wash everything and start over), and said, “Ok… what toppings would you like on your pizza?”

Good man.

I may have responded with something nasty like, “I don’t want any f*#&!@% pizza!” but he ordered it regardless and we stuffed our faces.

I had 2 dozen more cupcakes done before the pizza even arrived, and after the kids were in bed (oh em gee by 7:30!) I even got a foot massage (because my feet never swell, but they were ridiculous after spending almost all day on my feet).  After dropping off Thaya at school, Aubrie and I came home and iced them with the Basic Buttercream Frosting from the same book.

The kids loved them, Aubrie apologized (again) for eating what probably amounted to about 8 cupcakes last night, and we were all happy.  Because these cupcakes are really good, and no matter what we went through to get them, we had them in the end!

And not only that, but of course I was going to make them all over again.  Because she’s my first, my little girl, and she is turning FOUR tomorrow. For the record I would have made them again for Aubrie too.

You may remember the little storyboards I threw together last year.  Well, I’ve added to it this year!

She even told me that she wants to do a photo shoot in her party dress tomorrow.  Wow.  Four has changed her already!

Happy birthday to my sea creature loving, dinosaur romping, high energy, acrobatic, intelligent, charming, and full of surprises little girl.  You are so so special, and I will do everything that I can to give you a day full of happiness, beauty, and love.  And presents. Lots and lots of presents!



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  • Theresa

    This is precious Meg! Happy Happy Birthday to Thaya! It doesn’t seem like four years ago you were having this sweet little girl. WOW how time flys YOur such a wonderful mommy! xoxo