{A Teensy Tiny Sneaky Peeky} Westfield, New Jersey Newborn Photographer

Well, you’ve seen him twice already, so you should recognize that little nose, and those tiny toes!  He’s Baby {J}, and he’s HOME!  I got over there are soon as I could, because as I had said before, I just couldn’t wait to get my lens on him again!

So, here is a little sneak peek from the newborn segment of his Grow with Me plan.  As it turned out, mister sleepy head wasn’t so sleepy while I was there, so we decided to split the shoot in two.  There are some more shots that I know I want that I wasn’t able to get, so I’m hoping to head back over to Baby {J}’s early this week.  So, I’ll keep you posted with how his shoot is coming along!