{A Sweet Sneak Peek} New Jersey Commercial Photographer

It is not very often that I have the opportunity to do shoots like this outside of my own home.  It is one thing to whip up a batch-of-something with my girls and take some shots.  It’s another thing all together to have someone else do the baking and decorating and then approach me to do a shoot.

When Ali and I reconnect after so many years, I was thrilled to discover that she was in the process of starting her own company.  We quickly got to talking, and to make a long story short, here I am giving you a glimpse of Ali*Cakes.  These custom made treats are Delicious (with a capital D).  You have a world of flavors and colors to choose from, and I don’t even want to say that the sky is the limit because I bet Ali could find a way to go above and beyond even that.

So, if you are in need of cupcakes or cookies, I hope that you will consider contacting Ali at Ali*Cakes.  They are certainly made choke full of love, and advertised, they are delicately delivered!

You can find Ali*Cakes online or contact Ali at ajsmith5@gmail.com

  • these images are fantastic and those cupcakes…almost too pretty to eat…almost 😉

  • Those look delicious! Your photos are amazing!

  • Gail Smith

    Wow, Meg,
    These pix look awesome! Great job…Ali’s MOMMIO