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My mom took pity on me and brought me to the nursery not long after my landscaper rant.  It was a little bit of a stressful morning, Thaya will occasionally get “the gimmes”, and it drives me absolutely bonkers.  I said no to toys and I meant it, but she somehow (*ahem*) got it in her head that there was the possibility of a treat in her future, and she wouldn’t let up.  Dearest Granna was thinking about dropping the load of us back at the house at one point.  Luckily she shaped up and it turned out to be a great day!

We even managed to make it home and get the plants in.  Now when I said in my earlier post that I needed the beds cut, I meant to say that I need them to be reshaped and extended.  We do have beds in the front of the house, but they were cut in 1959.  Our beautiful Azaleas must have been planted not long after the house was built because they are the only thing left in the beds and they are massive. Absolutely massive.  So big, that they take up 2/3 of the garden. I wanted to extend the beds more into the yard so that they are deeper, and I have more room to plant.  Luckily, right by the front door there is a large amount of space and I’m only interested in extending the beds about a foot in that area.  Our plan to pick up some annuals actually turned into us buying some very nice perennials!  I’m thrilled beyond words.  And not only that, but I have a good idea of what I want to plant once the beds are cut and where I want to plant it all!

So, the only annuals I ended up getting were some Zinnias and a few Dahlias (two of my all time favorite plants!), a few Cosmos and a Black Eyed Susan vine. I also have a little bit of space for the sunflowers that Thaya started at school.

Afterwards, we were exhausted. My mom headed home, and I was so ready to climb into bed, but unfortunately the girls and I were covered from head to toe in mud, dirt, dust, etc.  I brought the kids in, and as they were getting ready for bath, I cleaned up my face, arms, hands, neck, etc as best I could to give them their bath, figuring I’d just shower the rest off later.  I got the kids all squeaky clean, and we headed downstairs to brush hair and I was going to start dinner.

Of course none of that happened.

I started to sit down so that I could pull the girls into my lap and brush their hair, but I didn’t realize how close Thaya was behind me.  This whole pregnancy the two of us have been bumping into each other. She just hasn’t been able to grasp how big I’ve gotten!  As I sat down, she tripped over my leg and literally flew face first into our coffee table.  The same coffee table that gave her a concussion in February and split Aubrie’s lip open in March.

I know, you’d think I’d have gotten rid of it.

I immediately scooped her up and held her to me, knowing she was going to at least have a huge goose egg on her head. That’s when she started screaming. I pulled her away from me and was shocked by all of the blood. I just couldn’t believe it. I was covered, she was covered. I saw the wound and ran to the kitchen to get a towel to put pressure on it.

As I was doing that and holding her, I had Aubrie get my phone. I called my mom first because I knew no matter what, someone would have to watch Brie.  This is how our conversation went:

Me: “Get back in the car and get here now I have to take Thaya to the ER”

Mom: “Oh my god. Oh my god. (Into the background to my dad: “We have to go to Megan’s right now, start the car!”) What happened??”

Me: She fell into the coffee table and split her head open, I have to bring her to the ER – NOW.

Mom: “Her HEAD? Oh my god. Ok. Ok. We’re coming…”

So, pretty quick exchange of information.  They live about 2 miles away, so I knew they would be to the house quickly.  Before I tell you what happened next, I need to add a little humor to the post.  Now remember, I’m 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant at this point.  This is what my dad heard on his end:

Mom: “Oh my god. Oh my god. We have to get to Megan’s right now, start the car!”

And as he’s running to the car, he hears:

“Her HEAD?! Oh my god. Ok. Ok. We’re coming…”

And for one very brief moment my father thought that I was delivering my own baby in my living room.  Love you, dad!!

Anyway, I called Matt next and he was about 10 minutes from home.  I knew my parents would get here first, and then Matt, so I decided to wait for him so someone could be next to Thaya in the car holding the towel to her head while the other person drove.  I kept pressure on her head, sat down, and waited with a very heavy heart.

The pressure slowed down the bleeding, but she was still bleeding a lot.

My mom and dad came in, my dad was kind enough to start cleaning all of the blood off of the kitchen floor and my mom held Thaya as I got a bag together for the hospital (because it was 5:30 at night and I was starving and pregnant, I knew my husband would be starving, and my poor daughter would be hungry at some point. Not only that, but I knew there would be some sort of wait so the iPad was necessary, as was shark blanket and pterodactyl because getting stitched up would require a bit of comforting).

Matt came in, and we went to the hospital.

We kept going back and forth on whether we should go to Overlook (where I had a bad experience, but we’d had experience none-the-less) and St. Barnabas (where I’ll be delivering, but had no ER or pediatric experience).  We had about 10 minutes before we had to choose a direction, and we went with St. Barnabas.  I decided that it was the nicer hospital, and we’ve only had wonderful positive experiences there.  And I had a feeling. Ever get a feeling you just couldn’t turn down? I had that feeling.  It was at that point that everything went in our favor.

We hit no traffic.

We walked into the ER and it was virtually empty.

The triage nurse took one look at her head (and the hole above her eye, and the blood all over us) and sent us right in to the pediatric unit. No wait.

The nurse gave us a room, took our information right away, and assessed the wound.

When she saw the wound, she immediately knew we’d need a plastic surgeon (which took a lot of stress off of me, I thought I’d have to pull teeth to get one).

As it turns out, the plastic surgeon was walking into the hospital as we were talking to the nurse to stitch up a boy in the next room.

The nurses kept us well informed of what was happening, and Thaya quickly received a numbing agent (the wound kept bleeding though. Ugh).

Thaya was absolutely amazing.  She followed instructions, didn’t cry at all once we were there.  She did end up getting a little loopy though.

The only thing that really concerns me is the severity of the laceration.  I know the plastic surgeon needs to really give you “worst case” information, but he said that this type of laceration is one of the worse. It wasn’t just a straight line, it was almost like a starburst, a hole in the center with outward tears. I guess there were about 3 or four intersecting lines that met in the middle, and with each line there is a risk of scarring.  He had to stitch layers because it was so deep, he used three different types/weights of… umm… thread?  All together she got around 20 stitches.

At one point Matt joked, “And this is our coordinated child!” The surgeon then something that really hit home… “And just think how bad it could have been if she wasn’t coordinated.”

Which really made me stop and think because he said that right after he explained to us how bad the laceration was.  So… she probably could have lost an eye.

She’s been doing well, but here we are two days later, and it is really starting to swell.  Her face is also starting to bruise, and some other marks are showing up where she must have also hit the table when she fell.

I feel so bad. I mean, I know it wasn’t my fault and that it was an accident, but I really feel terrible. We have to keep it meticulously dry, and the doctor basically told us no activities for 2 weeks.  He said that the wound is so bad that just a nudge into it could split a stitch and it would be open again.  So here we are, stuck inside because she can’t sweat or run around.  I’m afraid to bring her anywhere public because she is the exact height where someone could bump her with a bag or camera or elbow.

We’re making due, and we’ve got some outings planned where she can stay in the stroller. We’ve had a ton of support and friends and family have brought over activities, etc for us to do over the next two weeks.  But geez. Have I mentioned how bad I feel?

It is amazing how quickly things can change.  Here we were, winding down from a busy and fulfilling day and bam. Back at the ER.

Both girls have been super clingy the past two days, and I’m all about it. I’m holding them tight, and holding them close, and just reflecting on how thankful I am that things went the way they did, it wasn’t something worse.

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