{A Little Bit of Fresh Color} Westfield New Jersey Food Photographer

A little bit of color for these gray winter days.  Hard to beat how cheerful a lemon is, no?

The husband was kind enough to get me these beautiful bowls and plates for my birthday.  He thought that maybe I’d want to use them in some shoots.  He thought right!  I was so excited, but I didn’t get a full set, and I was immediately scheming how to get more.

Then last week I was having a few down days, and I was surprised (again!) when he came home with two more settings!  Good man!

I really love the speckles and crackles in the plate, the textures works *so* well with fruit.  Each fruit seems to have a personality that is reflected in its skin, and paired with these plates those personalities seem to pop!

All of these prints will be up in my Etsy shop today.  As usual, you can order them in a variety of sizes and formats (ie 8×10 or 8×12 and in some cases 8×8).  And just a reminder that any print found in my store can be ordered as a set of greeting cards!