{A Fond Farewell} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

I’ve started this post a couple of times in my head. I’ve been trying to think of a way to explain my relationship with Ayala, but how do you really sum up something that you hold dear?  I haven’t known her for long, a little less than 3 years.  We ended up studying together in a M.Ed program at Rutgers.  You remember how you’d walk into class the first day not knowing where you’d fit?  You’d wonder who you would end up building relationships with over the course of the program, and who would be on the fringe? Well, when I sat across from Ayala, with one look I knew we’d be friends.  Then she mentioned that she had gone to Tufts (I spent some of my happiest times in school at Tufts and SMFA), I knew. I mean, I KNEW that I would be friends with her.  And then as the classes progressed, I realized that friends didn’t really sum it up.  We must have been friends in a past life.  We’re meant to be friends forever.  Its just the way that sometimes you met someone and you just fit.  You just click with them SO well, the first time you talk to them it is almost as if you already have a deep history with them and you are just picking up 20 years in.

That’s what its like with her.  It’s really very cool.

When she told me she was moving back to Israel, I got a little teary, but just for a moment.  I knew (in the same way that I just KNEW when I met her) that it would mean nothing to our relationship.  There are so many ways to communicate and stay in touch, there is really no way that a little distance would negate our friendship.  The tears (really, only a few.  Just moisture around the lids, ya know?) were soon replaced by the distinct feelings of excitement and encouragement.  HOW exciting!  A new beginning, and an amazing adventure.  It is full of possibility and SUCH potential!

So as she packs her bags (if she’s even gotten a suitcase yet.  She’s leaving on Tuesday and is in a little bit of denial), I hope that she is thinking of her bright new beginning, and doesn’t even worry about what she is leaving behind.  Because really, there is no way that you can leave such greatness behind.  You always find a way to carry it with you.  So I hope all of the relationships she has developed here, and all of the great experiences she has had (as well as some of the crappy ones.  That always seems to be where the most growth occurs) create a solid and strong foundation of support and love for her new adventure.

Good luck, Ayala.  I wish you safe travels, and an exciting and prosperous future, wherever it may lead you! I’ll “see” you soon!



ps – I’m not crying right now.  I’m not.

pps – Happy 4th, Americans :)

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  • Ayala

    No words to explain how much this post means to me. Not only do you have a way with photographs but definitely a way with words. I didn’t think I could put our friendship into words but you succeeded (I am definitely not crying either though…must be part of the same allergies phenomenon in the Toy Story theaters). I think you are right and we have been friends forever, so we will keep being friends forever. Sure that may sound like something written in a middle school yearbook before kids can really understand what “friends forever” means, but in our case, and with all the optimism of the grown up world, I know it can still be be true. Thank goodness for crazy technologies because now I won’t ever have to say goodbye, just until we meet again in some way. I’m not leaving anything behind, you are right, you are coming with me. This picture will be hanging, the words forever imprinted in my heart and knowledge that we will keep chatting like we did from the moment we met make me strongly believe in forever. Thank you for this post, thank you for everything and here’s to us…and to always being us no matter the land and sea in between.