A Bit About Color

One day, when I was about 3 or 4 years old, I was sitting at the kitchen table coloring. My mother came over to me and asked me to tell her all about my drawing. After I finished explaining it, she said to me, “This is quite beautiful, Megan. You do know that trees aren’t purple though, right?”

But sometimes they are. That moment after an absolutely glorious sunset when there is hardly enough light left in the sky. When dusk is thick and there is just enough illumination through the dim to make the silhouettes of the trees glow. That moment, that’s when the trees are purple.

We are accustomed to seeing things as they are most commonly portrayed – brown bark, green leaves.  It takes training to see things as they actually are.  It takes effort, and if you don’t practice and apply the art of seeing every day, you will lose the ability.

I encourage you to go out today and see beyond the brown bark and green leaves.