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When I found out that I was pregnant with Brie, we had to make a choice.  Either we would keep Thaya in her room and turn it into a “toddler” room and turn our guest (cough junk cough) room into a nursery, or we would turn our guest (cough junk cough) room into a toddler room and leave Thaya’s room as-is for the new baby.

We decided to go with the second.  We thought it would be easier to just put Thaya in an “older” room.  Well, some of you may remember the drama of  the “bird” room. It is, by far, the coolest room in our house, but Thaya would have nothing to do with it.  She outright refused to sleep in it.  We did some rearranging and the “bird” room because Aubrie’s space.

Fast forward 18 months to yesterday afternoon.  We made a (somewhat last minute) decision to move Brie in with Thaya.  A number of things fueled this decision.  1) we all know the longer you wait to transition a child in any way, the harder it is. 2) someday we’re gonna have another kid and we’re going to need that room.  3) Thaya has developed a strong fear of monsters and ghosts.

Monsters and ghosts?

Yup.  I have no idea from where.  I closely monitor everything that she watches on TV.  The books we read are happy books about turtles, happy families, and love. Sure, we listen to Alt Nation from time to time but the only “damaging” thing she is going to hear there are some colorful words that will embarrass me if repeated in public.

So, here she is, creeping up on three years old and scared. SO scared that she refuses to go to sleep unless the light is on (which is crazy because we have a dimmer on the light and it is NEVER actually DARK in that room).  And her fears?  Incredibly in depth.  She has a whole story about where the monster comes into her room, when it comes into her room, and what it looks like.

What am I supposed to think?

So, I decided that there is nothing like another warm body to make her feel safe.

I thought it would work out great.  Brie can’t get enough of her big sister and loves being around people.  But, alas, even Brie knowns the awesomeness that is the “bird” room and doesn’t want to give it up.  I don’t blame her.

So, I’ve done my best to make this room as cool as possible and have filled the “bird” room with all of our holiday decorations and other misc things to make it seem less appealing.

Oh well, we’ll see how it goes :)

  • Granna

    Ah! The room looks awesome! I think the girls are going to love being together!

  • Meg I particularly love the second photo. It’s a very interesting effect, not being able to see Brie’s face, but seeing her in the beautiful photo on the wall, seemingly looking back at her “real” self. Very cool!
    Hope the sisters enjoy their QT together!

  • Good luck with the transition! My older boys originally shared a room and after we moved into a bigger house they were going to get their own rooms (at age 5 and 7). And they wanted none of it, one because of big brother worship and one that doesn’t like to be alone. So they share. This morning I even went to wake them and found them both in the same bed.
    I’m loving your daughter photo series!

  • beautiful shots. My girls share rooms.. we have tried seperate rooms but they always go back to being together. Little kids can imagine such crazy things. I had a reoccuring dream about a shark when I was small that still bothers me as an adult.. no idea what that was about 😉

  • Awe, so sorry she has a monster fear :( I had to go to sleep with my door cracked open and the hall light on until I was in my teens. Haha! Also wanted to say that these are honestly my favorite pics so far! Love them!

  • What a pretty room! I always believe that siblings sharing a room builds character and will strengthen their relationship. :) I like the lighting of your photos too. Did you edit them?

  • These are veyr gorgeous pictures, and a very gorgeous room =)

  • I love that last picture!