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Aubrie doesn’t like the cold.

When she was just a couple of months old, I decided to go for a walk with Tea and Brie. It wasn’t too cold, even if it was November. I’d say it was in the mid 50s.

I bundled the girls up, got them in the car, and headed to the park for my usual 3 mi walk. I made it about 30 yards before she lost it.

I was deep in my PPD at that point. I had one of the biggest anxiety attacks on that day. I loaded them in the car and drove straight to my moms house – an hour away. I cried almost the entire way there, and when I got there I just cried and cried and cried.

Anyway, seeing this picture reminded me of that. Here she is with my husband sledding down the hill and sobbing. We’d only been out for maybe 5 minutes. She went inside right after this (and then proceeded to cry “ooooutsiiiiiide” for another 20). Poor baby.

Taking bets on whether Aubrie is going to be a “snow bunny” or “beach bum”.

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  • Granna

    BEACH BUM!!!!!!!! Aubrie does not do cold!