{34, 35, 36 :: 365} New Jersey Child Photographer

Day 34:  again, only had time to take one picture and it was as I was running out the door to book club.  The girls were exhausted from no nap and covered in burritos.  Oh well, I’ll love looking back on it in 20 yrs.

Day 35:  got out the paints for a quick craft.  Just white paper with red and white paint.  Earlier in the week I painted the girls hands to make hand prints, and they were trying to recreate the craft on their own.  Aubrie loves the feeling of the paint on her fingers.  Anyway, we’re going to cut what they painted into hearts this weekend.  Mommy Tip:  Whenever we get a shipment, I keep the packing paper for the girls.  I like covering the table with it when we paint because it makes clean up so much easier.  I will give them a pile of crayons to color with which is great because it gives them something to do as I clean up, which makes things less stressful for me.

Day 36: the east coast is going to get hit with a storm this evening.  I thought I’d be all sneaky and get to the food store early this morning to avoid the crowds and stock up for the super bowl. Oh my gosh.  It was insane. Good thing I packed snacks and toys.