{26 :: 365} New Jersey Child Photographer

Here are some reasons why today has been a great day with Thing 1:

1) she woke up this morning, dragged her pillow (which is almost bigger than she is) to the couch. She cuddled with her blanket and “guys” until we came out to join her. She then looked up at me with her brown/green/gray/copper/hazel eyes and said (with green snot oozing out of her nose) “momma, i’m thick”

2) when we were having a pretend bubble bath before breakfast, and I was filling up the tub (aka Aubrie crib) with bubbles (aka every single one of their 50 kazillion stuffed animals), she looked at me, eye brows raised, hand on hip, shaking her pointer, and said, “Mommy, are you trying your hardest?”

3) she put up with me driving around for over an hour to deliver products to various clients today. at one point (between Laurie Berkner Band songs) I yelled, “Look Thaya! Ducks!”. I’m not going to lie. I may have been a little too excited. She simply said, in the most serious and monotone voice she could muster, “Those are geese, mom.” oh em gee.

4) She licked her plate clean. Has the world stopped turning? Have birds started falling out of the sky? Has the water in the toilet started swirling the other way? Something is happening… SOMETHING. Because my child never finishes her lunch. And if she is going to lick her plate clean it is going to be for something like cake… not cheesey eggs with toast and a side of pears.

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  • you two are beautiful :O) her for being, you for recognizing. i hope your days continue wonderfully.