{17 :: 365} New Jersey Child Photographer

You know, just when you think your heart is full and you can’t quite love them any more than you already do, they go and sit in the window and something catches their attention, and they just sit and gaze, and the light is just PERFECT then you see her reflection, and her soft little lips, and you grab your camera, and the focus is PERFECT, and then…


your heart expands to let in more love because there is just no other option.

SO, on another note, we are SO happy to announce (no, I’m not pregnant, lol) we are FINALLY going to be going to France! We are so excited we can’t even contain ourselves.  We are going to be spending a week in Paris and then we’d like to spend another week doing a road trip of sorts.  So, my question to you is, can you recommend any “must sees” throughout the French Countryside?  And any tips on how to learn French in a year?!  I dont want to be THAT person who goes and can’t even say “thank you very much, you are so kind!” yah know?!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

  • Granna

    Love, Granna

  • Dad

    That is really a nice picture, Meg!

  • Beautiful, I love her facial expression.

  • sara beth

    I have heard Monets gardens are amazing!!! When Julie and I went to Paris we couldn’t get out to the countryside to see it. Also an amazing church that you need to go to is Sac le coeur. IT IS AMAZING!!!

  • mairin

    As a rutgers student you can get Rosetta Stone for $80…

  • oh my gosh! i missed this because i read the flickr version. i speak french, i’d be more than happy to help you. if you spend lots of time in the car maybe a tape would help? as for france, i’m so jealous. it’s been years and it’s my dream to take the family there for a year someday. i can send you all sorts of ideas, let me know!