{15 :: 365} New Jersey Child Photographer

Everything I’ve been editing lately has been pink pink pink.  I’ve decided to head in a different direction today :)

See Thaya’s right foot?  She has tight ligaments that cause her third toe to go down and her second to pop up.  It was supposed to work itself out, but hasn’t yet.  I guess I should see if the doctor has some advice…

I hope everyone has an amazing Friday and an even more spectacular Saturday and Sunday.

Any plans?!

We’re going to try to beat the blues by doing something special as a family tomorrow. We’re thinking a trip into Baltimore to the aquarium and one of our favorite vegan restaurants.

  • I seem to be having a pink week this week too with my 365, not by design, its not a favourite colour at all. Maybe there is a reason for it somewhere.

  • personally i’m enjoying my break from 365 and i’m loving following the others. i’m feeling newly inspired by not having the stress of my own daily uploads, haha. how i wish i were still in dc so i could meet you at the aquarium. that place is the best!! (i just posted our own aquarium pics today. ours isn’t as cool.)