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My kids eat lunch in front of the TV and judge me all you want it is what keeps me sane.

I take the time while they are eating to clean up the kitchen, tidy up their toys, and prepare their room for nap.  We then have a smooth transition into their room for their siesta.

They wake up to a warm and tidy house for afternoon snack and then proceed to tear it all apart again so that by the time daddy arrives home it looks like a bomb went off.

But, as the TV plays and my kids stuff their faces, we sing, talk, and interact about what they are seeing.  We watch channels with no commercials that have toddler specific programming.  I feel like it’s what I do to make it “ok”.  My almost three year old knows every color, can recognize half of the letters in the alphabet, and can compare characteristics of opposites.  My 16 month old knows the lyrics to Down by Jay Sean, as well as the alphabet, have a vocabulary of over 50 words, and is now jumping with both feet off the ground.

I must be doing something right, TV or no :)

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  • Granna

    No need to fret. You’re doing fine. I know you are. Granna is watching!

  • Mummy guilt can be horrid can’t it? It sounds like you have two very clever, well loved little girls, who’s mummy is doing a fantastic job!
    I just love this photo, so warm and loving. Good job (on the photo and the children!)

  • sara

    Do you think that your children could come tutor some of my 1st graders?

  • great picture. i need to get more comfortable with being in front of the camera before my kids grow up and have tons of pictures without me in them! no judgement here — whatever keeps you sane and helps you make it through the day. there are worse things than watching tv while you eat lunch :)