{10 :: 365} New Jersey Photographer

We took a trip to Longwood Gardens today to see the holiday display.  Today was the last day that it was open, talk about cutting it close.  It was a great trip, and the girls had a blast.  This was a sweet moment between them while we were taking a little break.

I’m very pleased with some of the botanical images that I walked away with from the trip.  I’m probably going to put them up in my shop soon.

One final note before I go.

I’ve been reading Simple Abundance (ok, forgetting to read Simple Abundance and playing catch-up) and one of the chapters over the last few days was about how once we realize our dreams, we don’t have to wait for the timing or the situation to be “right” to actualize them.

We are the catalyst that can set our dreams into motion.  We do not have to be victims to timing and circumstance.  We can recognize our desires as needs and set them into motion.

We are strong capable beings, living today. Living NOW.  We can do this.

  • Granna

    You’re the best…all of you.

  • such a sweet shot of your girls! I love it when i capture something like that between my kids on camera. i read simple abundance several years ago…more like, skimmed it :) i love what you posted from it.

  • Kylie

    Love all these shots Meg, and love what you posted about the book – I have been playing catch up too!

  • Beautiful images!