Post-Project Clean Up

Happy New Year to my friends old + new! I am sending out positive thoughts and energy for all of you so that we may allView full post »

A New Day Quilt Pattern

I was thrilled to create a quilt featuring Sage, Bari J’s newest line for Art Gallery Fabrics. When I firstView full post »

Private Swap on Instagram 

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be talking a little bit about how to find and connect with a community onView full post »

Pumpkins Quilt – Perfect for Shorter Days and Chilly Nights!

I’m back to blogging and experimenting with new ways to post, this being my first test with one such method. SoView full post »

Equilateral Triangle Memory Quilt

Title: Equilateral Triangle Memory Quilt Dimensions: approximately 65″ x 86″  – a large lap quilt,View full post »

Patchwork in Greens and Blues

Title: Patchwork Quilt in Greens and Blues (This is currently FOR SALE) Dimensions: approximately 82″ x 65″  &#View full post »

Mod Triangle Quilt

Title: Mod Triangle Quilt with Sparrows and Arrows Dimensions: approximately 57″ x 66″  Lap Size Quilt Fabric: View full post »

Equilateral Triangle Quilt in Purple, Peach and Teal

Title: Triangles in Purple, Peach, and Teal Dimensions: approximately 78″ x 88″  Full Size Quilt Fabric: IView full post »

Starburst Quilt

Title: Starburst Quilt for Baby Emilia Dimensions: a 43″ x 53″  baby quilt Fabric: I worked very closely withView full post »

Another Geometric Quilt

This quilt would have been finished on Tuesday, but life (ie: two cases of bronchitis and one sever case of croup) gotView full post »

Equilateral Triangle Quilt

We’re going to be leaving in a few moments to head to the Philadelphia Flower Show, but before we go I wanted toView full post »

A Bit About Color

One day, when I was about 3 or 4 years old, I was sitting at the kitchen table coloring. My mother came over to me andView full post »